Invest in Quality and Increase Your Savings! The Essilor Non-Prescription Safety Eyewear Solution is a quality-based, long-term investment which reduces employee non-prescription safety eyewear replacement, while reducing costs. Like our Prescription Safety Eyewear programs, our Non-Prescription Safety Glasses Program is designed to meet the safety needs of employees in manufacturing, construction and other jobs that require safety eyewear as part of their personal protective equipment. Contact us at 800-553-9705 to discuss how to simplify your safety eyewear program.

Our non-prescription safety eyewear programs include:

  • Hand picked frames, designed to provide advanced protection, comfort and style
  • Frame manaufacturers include Armourx, ArtCraft®, Hudson, OnGuard®, and Uvex®
  • Paired with anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens solutions leading to optimal performance 
  • Certified to meet or exceed the latest version of ANSI Z87.1-2015 standards

Custom Non-Prescription Base Packages:

Clear Plano Top-Seal Frame + TD2® Scratch 
Clear Plano Top-Seal Frame + TD2® Optifog® 
Clear Plano Full-Seal Frame + TD2® Scratch
Clear Plano Full-Seal Frame + TD2® Optifog®

Custom Non-Prescription Upgrade Options:

Transitions® (add to Clear Non-Prescription Package)
Solid Tint (add to Clear Non-Prescription Package)
Call your Safety Eyewear Specialist for pricing and shipping costs. 

Packages Include:

  • Polycarbonate or TREXA™ Lenses. Both recommended for High Mass and High Velocity protection
  • Top-Seal or Full-Seal Nonconductive Frames
  • TD2® or TD2® Optifog® with 1-Year Scratch Warranty
  • Basic Safety Eyeglass Case

TD2® (Tough, Durable and 2-Sided) coated lenses offer a superior, warranted protection against scratching on our prescription safety lenses. Integrating glass-like silica particles into a polymer matrix, polycarbonate lenses coated with TD2® are more scratch-resistant than ever, providing consistent protection and durability.

TD2® Optifog® lenses resist scratches and protect against fog. While other anti-fog solutions such as anti-fog sprays or gels are either temporary, easily scratched or cannot be used with No-Glare lenses, Optifog stays strong!