Industrial Pharmaceuticals


Pharmaceutical Safety Eyewear

Workers in the pharmaceutical industry can encounter a variety of potential threats to their eyes and
vision. Whether from medicinal liquids, powders, vapors or dangerous tools, there’s a need to protect
pharmaceutical employees from:

  • Chemical splashes
  • Airborne microparticles
  • Chemical vapor
  • Sharp objects




Development of pharmaceutical products involves the use and handling of many compounds that are, at one level or another, toxic or irritants. This requires personal protective equipment that can safeguard against splashing or sprayed liquids and airborne inhalants. Protective eyewear, whether prescription or nonprescription, is not only required by law, it just makes sense. And, not just any “safety” eyeglasses will do. Safety prescription eyewear needs to correct the user’s vision like their everyday glasses, while meeting the safety standards for fit and impact resistance. Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear employs a network of highly trained eyecare professionals whose focus is the dispensing of safety eyeglasses that protect wearers from active pharmaceutical ingredients and secondary compounds present in the development, manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals. Our Prescription Safety Eyewear experts can help you to develop this integral component of your overall safety program.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Air Borne Particles

    Protect employees’ vision
    from airborne particles.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Chemical Vapors

    Guard eyes against dangerous
    chemical vapor.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Sharp Objects

    Provide safety from
    sharp objects.