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Food Processing & Packaging Safety

Employees in the packaging industry can face very real dangers when it comes to eye and vision safety. Handling a variety of different materials, working around constantly running machinery and dealing with fluctuations in temperature can result in a variety of potential threats to their vision:

  • Airborne dust & debris
  • Heavy equipment
  • Running machinery
  • Chemical splash
  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Hot liquids
Food Processing Worker Safety

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and as one might expect, animal slaughtering and processing is one of the most hazardous industries in the country. Perhaps less obvious a statistic is that the “Bakeries & Tortilla Manufacturing” is the second most dangerous sector of food packaging. Improving safety in such workplaces is often connected to training and daily reminders of the need for safety, but proper and consistent use of personal protective equipment such as gloves, hard hats and safety eyewear are what each employee needs to remain safe in their work environment. In the food industry, it is very common to move in and out of refrigerated areas which will cause fog to form on most eyewear. For non-prescription and prescription safety glasses, lens treatments such as Essilor’s Optifog® can reduce the fog and improve employee compliance.

  • Warehouse Worker Safety

    Protect employees’ vision
    from dust and debris.

  • Food Packaging Worker Safety

    Provide eye safety while
    running machinery.

  • Worker Safety Around Cold Temperatures

    Guard against eye pain caused by
    extreme temperature changes.