Industrial Aerospace


Aerospace Safety

Aerospace jobs can present very real challenges for eye and vision safety. From cutting and riveting
metal, to plumbing hydraulic systems and wiring electronics, the potential threat to employee eyesight is
found throughout the aerospace manufacturing process. Potential threats include:

  • Airborne fragments
  • Heated materials
  • Falling debris
  • Heavy equipment
  • Pressurized liquids & gases
Aerospace Worker

The aerospace industry may have come a long way since Rosie the Riveter, but speedy and efficient assembly lines are still critical in the quest for aerospace companies to remain competitive. Business has been good the last couple of years so the pressure is even greater for the factories, machine shops and assembly technicians to produce at their highest capacity. For that reason, a culture of safety and the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment is a must. With the high level of metal machining and grinding as well as small-part fastening that occurs in aerospace factories, not to mention all this may be happening at every angle around a worker, good safety procedures and equipment are paramount. Equipment and tools may have shields or other devices, but proper-fitting nonprescription or prescription safety glasses are the last line of protection for your eyes.

  • Aerospace Safety - Sparks FLying

    Protect employees’ vision
    from flying sparks.

  • Aerospace Safety - Pressurized Liquids

    Guard eyes against pressurized
    liquids and gases.

  • Aerospace Safety - Heavy Equipment

    Protect eyes from debris while
    operating heavy equipment.